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Sustainability promotion system

Sustainability initiatives

The ADWG Group pursues SDG management to contribute to the spread of ESG investment on a sustainable basis as the business is proactively expanded in order to fulfill our ever-growing social significance through our real estate revitalization work and other business activities.

The ADWG Group resolves social issues through its business and takes initiatives so that it can raise economic value and social value at the same time, while flexibly adapting to market and current trends.

There are two aspects to the social significance of the Group's business.

  • The first is to maximize our ability to discern the potential of real estate, which is a form of social capital, and our ability to plan products, and not only respond to the expectations of real estate users, but also contribute to the development of the region and community.
  • The second is to provide suitable solutions to meet customer investment or asset management needs, and in addition to responding to these expectations, encourage the capital cycle and contribute to the dynamism of economic activity and social activity.

Moreover, going forward, we aim to combine diverse operation methods in our entry and exit strategies for the commercialization of income properties with a wide range of products not limited to real estate, while also increasing our target customers. This will enhance the depth of the Group's business and enable us to evolve into an investment solutions company.

Corporate philosophy

The ADWG Group contributes to the active development of people and society
by creating and providing original value while flexibly changing.

Corporate Behavior Charter

  1. Provide safe and high-quality products and services and earn customers' satisfaction and trust
  2. Comply with laws, regulations and social ethics, and carry out business activities that are fair, transparent, freely competitive and appropriate
  3. Have sound and regular relationships with political and administrative bodies
  4. Communicate with stakeholders and disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner
  5. Respect employees' diversity, personalities and individuality, ensure safety and health, and strive to achieve affluence and prosperity
  6. Proactively address environmental problems and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society
  7. Have a deep awareness of our role as a member of society and contribute to society through our business activity
  8. Have no relationship with anti-social forces

Sustainability Promotion System

Sustainability Committee

The ADWG Group has set up the Sustainability Committee with the aim of improving sustainability and corporate value through business activities and contributing to the development of a sustainable society and has established and implements activity policies to pursue sustainability.

Members of the committee

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by President and CEO and is made up of the officers in charge of sustainability, the Company's directors and managing officers, and Group officers and employees designated by the chair.

Content reported and process

The matters discussed by the Sustainability Committee are determined, implemented and reported on to the Board of Directors. This content is shared within the Group and utilized in the Group's business activities.

Sustainability Promotion System
ADWG Group's ESG Initiatives