A.D.Works Group Co., Ltd.


Group business

Six businesses make up the ADWG Group

The ADWG Group's business consists of the income property business, small-lot real estate investment product business, overseas real estate business, property management business, architecture and construction business, and corporate venture capital business.

Income property business

This is the core business in the ADWG Group, operated by A.D. Works. The company uses its unique selection ability to acquire income properties, such as offices, residences, and commercial facilities. After completing all of the steps in the value-add process, such as a legal inspection, product planning, renovation and leasing, the property is sold to customers.

Small-lot real estate investment product business

This a business run by A.D. Works that has high growth potential. Utilizing the property selection abilities built up in the income property business, this business, which represents one variation of an exit strategy, meets a wide range of asset management needs, together with a synergistic expansion of the customer base and sales methods.

Overseas real estate business

Primarily based in Los Angeles, California, the US, this is an overseas property investment business run by A.D. Works. In addition to income property business targeting Japanese investors, the company proactively runs a development business that meets local needs, and is creating its own unique value chain.

Property management business

A.D. Partners undertakes the overall management of the sales properties of A.D. Works in particular, and also augments needs regarding repair work and other topics while helping to maintain and improve asset value.

Architecture and construction business

As a group of technology experts, Sumikawa ADD meets the architectural and construction needs of the Group both internally and externally. The company reliably carries out interior construction projects for JS Corporation, and also provides high-quality value-add construction and renovation work.

CVC business

This CVC (corporate venture capital) business is operated by Angel Torch Co., Ltd. The company examines the potential for synergistically growing and expanding the Group's business, and invests in start-up companies and others in Japan and overseas that have their own proprietary technologies and services, without any limitation on industry type, in order to create opportunities.

ADWG Group's value chain

The income property business and small-lot real estate investment product business, together with the property management business and architecture and construction business, form a value chain that provides investment solutions to customers through income properties, while simultaneously helping to maintain and improve asset value over the long term.