A.D.Works Group Co., Ltd.


Corporate philosophy

The Group's corporate philosophy is based on the value we put in changing flexibly and creating and providing original value.

"Changing flexibly" means actively and boldly incorporating new values without sticking to existing ones, finding opportunities to win in change itself without being afraid of it, correcting our course with flexibility and being capable of audacious and creative destruction, and redefining ourselves accordingly.

"Creating and providing original value" means identifying the essence of customer needs without being caught up by perceived ideas, continuing to create and provide product services that come even slightly closer to meeting those needs, and not only responding to customer requests, but guiding them confidently to their essential needs.

This value of "changing flexibly and creating and providing original value" that the Group promotes in its corporate philosophy is the survival technique used in the Group's early days. As time passes, however, this has steadily evolved into an approach to people, organization and business that supports growth and a corporate culture that should be carried forward into the future.

Corporate philosophy

The ADWG Group contributes to the active development of people and society
by creating and providing original value while flexibly changing.


Creating and providing original value while flexibly changing.

Code of Conduct

In order to change flexibly and continue to improve oneself.

  1. Are you considering the customer's perspective and doing everything possible to approach our goals?
  2. Are you exercising the leadership that is suited to you?
  3. Are you expanding your sphere of influence on people and the organization, based on your personal understanding?
  4. Are you viewing the current situation broadly and predicting developments in a creative way?
  5. Are you heading in the right direction and consistently practicing self-discipline?